Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Nokia 1110 Mobile

Nokia 1110 Specification:
Dimension: 104 x 44 x 17 mm
Weight: 80 g
Main Display: Inverted black and white
display with amber backlight ; 96 x 68 pixels
Battery : Talktime:- Up to 5 hours
Standbye:- Up to 380 hours

Nokia 1110 Features:

•Integrated handsfree speaker
•Polyphonic ringtones
•Three built-in games
•Changeable Xpress-onT colour covers
•Speaking alarm and clock
•Icon-based Phonebook
•Ringtone Composer
•Dual band

Ease of Use

The new Nokia 1110 is simple and easy to use! The amber backlight, 20 voice polyphonic ringtones and changeable Xpress- onT colour covers are the upgraded features of Nokia 1110! The icon based phonebook with simplified menu navigation, speaking alarm and clock will make the mobile phone use more amusing!


There are three built-in games - Snake Xenzia, Dice Games, and Pocket Carrom to entertain you anytime, anywhere!


Nokia 1110 uses the 20-voice polyphonic ringtones with MP3 grade sound.


The changeable Xpress-onT colour covers give you an opportunity to go for a changed look occasionally!


Nokia 1110 has integrated handsfree speaker to give you more freedom while a conversation!

Picture Messaging

The Nokia 1110 allows you to send sounds, pictures, animations and formatted text in your message through the new technology of Picture Messaging. The model also supports Instant Messaging.

Text Messaging
The new Nokia 1110 has an amber backlight which makes inverted black and white display perfect for SMS text messaging with its T9 input.

Phonebook and Memory Capacity
The Nokia 1110 has an Icon-based phonebook which can store up to 200 entries. You can also store up to 60 text messages of your dear ones!

Dual Band
The Nokia 1100 has a dual band facility, enabling you to reach out and stay connected in over 100 countries around the globe.

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