Thursday, March 4, 2010

Nokia 1208

Nokia 1208 Phone Specifications
* CSTN Display Screen, 65K colours
* Dimensions: 102 x 44.1 x 17.5 mm
* GSM 900 / 1800
* Weight of the phone - 77 gms
* Polyphonic Ringtones
* User memory - 4 MB
* SMS Messaging Service

* Embedded Games
* calendar
* Flashlight

* Calculator

* Built-in handsfree
* Li Ion Battery - 365 hr Standby time

* 7 hr of Talk-time
Finishing: Look wise the Nokia 1208 is very exciting with a marvellous finishing and smooth exterior. The device is very compact and users feel confident to carry the handset to parties and social ceremonies.
The handset is known for its dimensions of 102 x 44.1 x 17.5 mm. This makes it possible for users to carry the mobile with ease. It can be easily accommodated in ones pocket and so the chances of its getting lost are very negligible.
CSTN Display Screen : This screen measures 1.5 inches and gives 96 x 68 pixels resolution. The screen is very vital for here one can play games, see the pictures loaded in the phone, read messages and also visit the other applications of the phone by opening the various icons.
GSM Enabled:
The Nokia 1208 can stay connected with its service provider irrespective of where it is taken. The users can travel to distant places of the world and yet access connectivity as the mobile is GSM enabled.
Ringtones :
The handset is loaded with some Polyphonic ringtones. These ringtones set in a very harmonious mood whenever the phone rings. Infact, people wait for the phone to ring as the ring-tone sounds are simply amazing.
Memory : This mobile is furnished with 4 MB user memory space. This memory support is sufficient to store call records, messages and ring-tones. The users can easily store SMS messages in this memory without having to delete them often. The memory also supports storage of gaming files on the device.
Phone Book:
This Nokia 1208 has a phone book where users can store up to 200 contact entries. The phone book also keeps record of 20 dialled calls, 20 missed calls and 20 received calls.
Games : High definition games can be played on the handset. The games bring entertainment in the lives of people. They can be played very easily as the required software is already installed in the handset.
Flash Light: The handset is fitted with a flash light that makes it possible for people to make use of the handset in place of a torch light. A person can use this light to see things in a dark room or even when lights go off.
Other features:
The Nokia1208 has a calender and a calculator as miscellaneous parts. The calendar makes it possible for users to keep a tab on their routine. Users can plan their itinerary for a day with this calendar. The calculator is also similarly important as with its aid the users can meet business as well as professional needs.
Battery :
The battery of the device is capable of offering long hours of run time. The standby time of the handset is 365 hrs and talk-time is 7 hrs. This battery support allows the users to make use of the handset for a long duration of time. The users can carry it while undertaking a sightseeing tour to distant lands with the conviction that the battery charge would not get elapsed soon.
Availability: The mobile is available in every region of the world. The internet is also a good resource to place an order for the handset. A buyer can also place an order for the handset in an online website. The device is delivered as soon as the order is placed.

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