Thursday, March 4, 2010

Nokia 5000 Mobile

Nokia 5000 Features:

* 1.3 MP camera,Viewfinder,Landscape mode,Dedicated camera key
* A good video recorder and player
* A Music Player supporting the following formats:MP3, AAC, WAV, ARM & MIDI
* FM Radio,Radio recording
* Weight:74 gms
* Dimensions: 106 x 46 x 11 mm
* A 2 inches 65K colour QVGA TFT Screen with the resolution: 320 x 240 pixels
* 12 MB memory
* 4.6 hours talktime,336 hours of standby time
* Bluetooth,GPRS,EGPRS
* Dual Band with GSM 900, GSM 1800
* WAP browser,xHTML browser
* xHTML browser
* Email(IMP4, POP3 ans SMTP)
* Advanced calculator
* Converter,Handsfree speaker
* Java games,Downloadable games

Camera, Video and Music Revelations:
This handset is just too good when it comes to Camera features. The 1.3 MP camera lets the user click fabulous pictures and the quality is further assured by the viewfinder feature. A camera key then does the final job of clicking to capture the picture. The quality of the pictures is further enhanced with the landscape mode. The video recorder of this handset is also good and the user can playback the recorded videos without any hassles. This handset has good music features and has a music player which can play files with the following formats: MP3, AAC, WAV, ARM & MIDI . There is an FM radio and the user can also record the song being played in the radio with the help of the radio recording feature.

Wander around the world
This mobile device is quite effective when it comes to world wide roaming. The phone has a dual band and thus has two networks which are the GSM 900 and GSM 1800. The user can connect to the internet through two browsers. These are the WAP browser and the xHTML browser.

A good memory
The handset has decent memory capabilities. The built-in memory is 12 MB. There is about 4.6 hours of talktime and the standby time is up to 336 hours.

Good messaging features
This mobile phone has a standard messaging features like SMS, MMS, EMS and there is also the email feature which supports the protocols like IMP4, POP3 and SMTP. Therefore the email feature is also very good and the user has no problems in using it as he receives his email quickly with the help of the 'Post Office Protocol 3' which is the latest version.

Light and Trendy
The weight of this handset is 74 gms and the dimensions of this handset are 106 x 46 x 11 mm. Therefore this handset is very very light and a person can carry this phone in his hand or inside his pocket with ease. The display of this screen is quite good. This is because the size of the screen is 2 inches and it is a QVGA TFT screen with the resolution: 320 x 240 pixels. The screen also supports a total of 65K colours.

Data Data everywhere
This handset is also a good data phone. It is quite efficient in terms of data transfer with the technologies of Bluetooth, GPRS and EGPRS. The feature thus of 'Enhanced General Packet Radio Service' is actually a technology where GPRS dominates over EDGE. This feature thus has the benefits of both the features and helps the user in data transmission. There are also the features of Bluetooth and GPRS which are also quite effective in speeding up transmission rates and thus improving the performance of the handset.

A very good organiser
This handset also has a very good organiser with many unique features. A converter which is very useful for currency conversion and rates calculation. There is also an advanced calculator which is also quite useful. Then there are the games. This handset has two types of games. They are the java games and the option of the user downloading his favourite game. Hence the mobile phone is a marvellous medium.

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