Thursday, March 4, 2010

Nokia 1650 Mobile

Nokia 1650 Phone Specifications

  • Screen Display - 128 x 160 pixels resolution, 1.8 inches, 65K colours
  • Dimensions - 104.2 x 43.8 x 17.8 mm
  • Weight - 80 gms
  • GSM 900 / 1800
  • Connectivity - 2G
  • Ringtones - Polyphonic, MP3
  • 8 MB user memory
  • Messaging - SMS (up to 250), EMS, Instant Messaging
  • FM radio
  • Calendar
  • Currency converter
  • Calculator
  • Flash light
  • Battery Standby 420 hr
  • Battery Talktime 8 hr

    The Nokia 1650 looks magnificently beautiful due to its compact design and very alluring dimensions. The mobile can be taken to parties and social meets as the phone looks very dignified.

    The screen of the phone is used to display pictures, videos and wallpapers. These files come preloaded and they give a very enigmatic look to the handset. The screen is also used to play fascinating games and watch videos. The users can open all the applications of the device with the screen showing the icons of every application.

    This mobile measures 104.2 x 43.8 x 17.8 mm that renders the handset a very compact shape. The gadget weighs 80 gms and so it can be carried with ease.

  • Memory:

    The Nokia 1650 has 8 MB user memory. This memory allows people to store innumerable number of files with ease. The files can be related to information as well as entertainment. The entertainment files include games that are preloaded in the device. So, people who buy the handset can open these application anytime in-order to play the fascinating games.


    The mobiles come loaded with some harmonious ring-tones that are of polyphonic as well as MP3 in nature. More such ring-tones can be loaded on the device as the memory supports the storage of such ring-tones. The users can get the latest ring-tones downloaded from internet and then store them on the handset.

  • Network:
    The mobile functions on 2G networks and so users can avail all the updates that the mobile service providers may bring. It keeps them alert with messaging service from the service provider's end.

    The mobile has incredible messaging options with SMS, MMS and instant messages kept open for the users benefit. One can easily stay in touch with others and express his or her feelings with these messaging service.

    The handset can be carried to distant places of the world without losing connection. Being GSM enabled the users are constantly kept connected with voice mails and messages even if they happen to visit distant places of the world.

    FM radio:
    The radio is a good entertainment option and users feel good to listen to various radio programs. The radio broadcasts the latest releases in songs and music with the radio jockey hosting such entertaining programs. The jockeys add to the entertainment by cracking jokes and acquainting listeners with recent happenings.

    The calendar of the phone is used to plan ones daily routine. The users can schedule a program, with the calendar helping them to view all the months and date of a year.

    The calculator is also brought to use for business as well as professional purposes. Now, one need not have to carry a calculator as the phone itself serves the purpose.

    Flash light:
    The flash light allows people to move in darkness. One can switch on the flashlight and use it in place of a torch light.

    The battery of the gadget is capable of rendering standby time of 420 hr and talktime of 8 hr. So, users feel confident about using the handset for long hours. One can carry the device to long journeys with the battery never failing to provide its support. After being charged completely the users can use the battery for long long hours.

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