Thursday, March 4, 2010

Nokia 2760 Mobile

Nokia 2760 Phone Specifications

* 65K internal Colour Screen, resolution of 128 x 160 Pixels
* Black & Blue external Screen; 96 x 68 Pixels
* Camera: VGA; 4x digital zoom; Viewfinder
* Video: Player and recorder
* Ring tone:Polyphonic with 24 Voice, MP3
* FM Radio
* Messaging: SMS; MMS; e-mail, Xpress Audio Messaging, predictive text
* Games: Embedded, JavaT
* Connectivity:Bluetooth®, USB
* Internet: WAP XHTML Browser
* Network: Dual Band (GSM 900 & GSM 1800)
* Hands-free speaker
* Battery:350 hrs. standby, 7 hrs. talk time
* Weight: 80.4 grams
* Dimensions: 87 x 44.8 x 20.7 mm

Ensure wire free connectivity:
The very name of this device indicates its portability and mobility. But, when wires are utilised with this device for connectivity, it definitely becomes full of hassles. However, a technology call Bluetooth is equipped on this widget to make the users go wireless. No matter, one can even make use of the USB for transfer of data if wires are not hassles at all. In order to be flexible, the users can utilise its handsfree speaker. It allows the user to continuing doing other works with one's hands while conversing over the widget as it is audible enough even though it is at a particular distance from one's ears.

Strength of longevity and coverage:
Imagine what should be the ideal capacity of a mobile phone. Definitely, its internal memory capacity is 11 M bytes which can be utilised to store data pertaining to photos, videos, MP3, messages etc. Its battery with 350 hrs. of standby when fully charged can deliver up to 7 hrs. long talk time. It also supports dual band GSM 900/1800 network frequencies.

All fun and no boredom make it a fun centred device:
Playing games on mobile phone has become a fashion among the younger generations. A player can go on playing the Nokia 2760's embedded and Java games to keep up their spirit. For pleasure, the users can also tune in to its FM radio. The FM channels are already well known for their lively programs with which the listeners can hardly part with. So with this widget, the listeners can keep themselves in touch with their favourite FM programs with no interruptions even while on the move.

Just to add more fun, this widget is equipped with a 4x digital zoom VGA camera. Its internal colour screen works as a viewfinder. To add live to the photographs, the users can even capture motion photographs with this widget besides still images. The lively photographs on this widget can be stored, deleted or shared with any compatible device.

Every feature that implies connectivity:

Owning a Nokia 2760 implies that one has the key to the world of information. Its WAP/xHTML browser enables the users to explore the world of information. Any information, if it does exist on the Internet, can be accessed by the users of this widget.
Advanced connectivities and features:
In the name of connectivity, the users can also exchange SMS, MMS and e-mails with this widget. To save the time and energy of users, this widget comes with Predictive text input feature. This feature predicts the words being typed by the users and helps the users to complete the text without them typing the whole test manually. This feature supports a large range of language as well on the phone menu. Moreover, if the users need to ornament the messages being send they can utilise the MMS service. With this feature the users can add photographs, symbols and even videos with the respective text. This widget also supports Nokia express audio messaging.

The Nokia 2760 comes with a dual screen - an external screen and an internal screen. The external screen is a black and blue coloured screen where information can be viewed without opening the widget. It displays time and the contacts who is calling. The internal screen which displays photos, videos, messages, internet browser and much more delivers 65000 colours with a resolution of 128 x 169 pixels. With the dimensions of 87x 44.8x 20.7 mm, this widget weighs just 80.4 grams to easily occupy a place in one's palm and pocket.

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