Thursday, March 4, 2010

Nokia 2525 Mobile

Nokia 2505 Phone Specifications

* Clamshell Design
* Dimensions - 82 x 42 x 16.65 mm
* Weight - 65 gms
* Colours - Black, pink
* Messaging - SMS
* Polyphonic Ringtones
* Screen - 128 x 160 pixels resolution, 65,536 colour
* 4 way scroll key
* Calculator
* Calendar
* Clock
* Built-in handsfree
* Battery talktime - 3 hrs
* Battery standby - 156 hrs
* FM radio
* Quick-press flashlight

The Nokia 2505 - a clamshell phone, flips to open up. Its interiors are laced with an enigmatic screen on one side and a keypad on the other. Its looks thrill people with an intensity they have never known before. The handset is very compact and adjust itself into one's grips, once it is closed. The device so can be carried very easily by the users wherever they go.

The dimensions of the handset are 82 x 42 x 17 mm. The dimensions make the handset compact. The users feel good to take the device along with them in parties or social meets.

The Nokia 2505 is available in black as well as pink colour. The black colour is mostly preferred by men while the pink colour is a choice of the women. These colours enhance the overall look of the handset and people feel proud to own it.

The mobile comes preloaded with ring-tones that are polyphonic in nature. These ring-tones set in a tone of melody for users who feel great whenever the phone rings. The internet also allows downloading of more such ringtones

Messaging options such as SMS are available on the handset. It allows people to send messages to others to inform them about their whereabouts or to express their feeling to others.
The mobile can be used for entertainment of the users. It has a FM radio that can play latest releases of songs and music. The radio jockey hosts such programmes and entertains listeners with their warm attention drawing dialogues. They often crack jokes and inform people about the latest happenings. So, listeners can stay updated with latest happenings even while they are out of their house. The other entertainment options available on the mobile are games. The games are either downloaded from the internet or come preloaded. The users can play these marvelous games and stay fascinated all the while.

The screen of the mobile is brought to use to play enticing games. The screen can give upto 128 x 160 pixels resolution and supports 65,536 colours. So, users can expect to see every shade of colour on the screen of the handset. Thus, every icon of the games being played gets displayed on this screen. The screen is also used to see pictures and watch videos.

The Nokia 2505 is fitted with a Li-ion battery that is capable of delivering 3 hrs of talk time and 156 hrs of standby time. The battery provides the opportunity to users to make use of the handset for a long duration of time. The users feel good as they can now play games, listen to FM radio for long duration of time even when they are outside their home. So, users can carry the phone to long journeys after recharging its battery once.

Other Features
The handset has an alarm clock that can be used to keep tap of time. There is a calender that helps people to schedule their meetings and daily routine. The presence of a calculator ensures the handset's usage for business purposes. Then there is the stopwatch that makes it possible for people to participate in various sport activities. A flashlight acts as an aide in darkness.

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