Thursday, March 4, 2010

Nokia 3250 Phone

Nokia 3250 Phone Specifications

* TFT Screen,262K Colour
* High resolution 176 x 208 pixels
* 2 Megapixel Digital Camera
* 4 x Digital Zoom
* Advanced Camera Mode
* Video Recorder
* Video Player
* Video Streaming
* RealOne Player
* Enhanced Video Editor
* Photo Caller Identification
* Messaging
* MMS OMA 1.2
* Email
* Predictive Text
* Picture Messaging
* Integrated Music Player
* Dedicated Music Keys
* Nokia Audio Manager & Windows Media Player
* Enhanced Music Features
* 64 Polyphonic MIDI
* RealAudio Voice
* Tunes Studio
* Visual Radio
* Voice Commands
* Voice Recording
* Handsfree Speaker
* Entertainment
* Punkwigs Game
* Snakes Game
* Downloadable Games
* End User Privacy (Protected Access To Contacts, Calendar & Messages)
* Mobile Blogging
* Nokia Sensor
* Nokia Audio Manager
* Nokia Lifeblog Multimedia Diary
* Conference Call (Up To 5 Persons)
* Vibrating Alert
* Connectivity
* Bluetooth
* USB 2.0
* Network
* Tri Band (GSM 900, GSM 1800, GSM 1900)
* Internet
* WAP 2.0
* Talk Time:3 Hours Talk Time
* Memory:10 MB Memory Plus Expandable 1GB Memory
* 245 Hours Standby
* Size:103.8 x 50 x 19.8 mm
* Weight:115 grams

Nokia 3250:
The Nokia 3250 is a very unique smartphone from the renowned house of Nokia. With a clever operating mechanism, this phone is simple to use and effective. The bottom end of the casing can be twisted into three different modes namely- smartphone, music player and camera. The phone is available in a choice of four colours i.e. black, silver, pink and green.

Music Player:
The Nokia 3250 can turn into a music player by simply twisting the end of the phone to the music player mode. An integrated music player comes complete with enhanced music features such as equaliser, stereo widening, reverb and bass. Furthermore, the users can use the Nokia audio manager software to rip tunes from their favourite CDs to the handset. The users can play music in various formats such as MP3 and eAAC+. The dedicated music buttons ensure that users enjoy listening to music with ease. An integrated handsfree speaker can be used to listen the music without plugging in the ear phones.

The handset comes with an option of expandable memory. As a matter of fact, on this handset, the users can expand the phone memory by up to one GB. With massive memory storage, the users can save up to seven hundred and fifty songs on their handsets.

The Nokia 3250 can be turned into a fabulous digital camera. As a matter of fact, with another gentle twist, the users can explore advanced imaging features on this handset. The handset is backed with 2 megapixels digital camera. Some of the highly used imaging features are 4 x digital zoom, camera settings and video recording capabilities. The camera comes with a photo fix feature which will adjust the light and contrast balance after the photo is captured. This ensures that a clear quality photo is captured by the users. Moreover, the digital camera allows the users to record, play and stream video on their Nokia 3250. The anti blur technology allows the users to capture a shot without small movements made by the users creating a blurred image. The digital zoom is used to get close to a desired subject. The digital camera comes with a night feature, brightness adjustment feature, image quality feature as well as a self timer function which gives the user much control over their images.

The wide TFT screen of the handset is backed with 262k colours. The users enjoy vibrant images on a high resolution screen of 176 x 208 pixels. The wide TFT screen allows the users to see their photo in perfectly clear and crisp colour in either landscape or portrait mode.

The Nokia 3250 comes with comprehensive messaging options such as SMS text messaging, MMS multimedia messaging, EMS enhanced messaging, instant messaging and email. Therefore with the help of the advanced messaging features, the users can send and receive the multimedia content to other compatible devices.

With the last simple twist of Nokia 3250, this amazing phone turns into a smartphone which is complete with Bluetooth technology, EDGE and mobile blogging. The mobile blogging allows the users to upload information on to the Internet or attach the content to their email. The personal information management enables the users to create and save information in the form of a phonebook, calendar & notepad.

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